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There is no such thing as a successful digital marketing campaign that focuses only on one aspect of digital marketing. Search engine optimization, paid advertising, email, content and social media strategies cannot be run independent of each other and work in the long-term.
Why? Because now, instead of having to go to a local library to find information, people can get it from their computer, or even more conveniently, they can just whip out their phone.
All this access to information has led to new media, social media, shorter attention spans and a whole new way of marketing.
This new marketing terrain can be difficult to understand, exhausting to catch up with and seemingly impossible to master; and just when you think you got it, Google or Facebook goes and changes it’s algorithm.
These platforms are focused on serving the user and they do that by relying on human interaction: likes, time spent on a page, comments, etc. If they stumble across your content, you need to give them what they want and quick.
You have to turn visitors into followers, followers into engagers, and engagers into customers. How? Do this by offering great content in exchange for more and more of their time.
Savvy marketers use targeted ads, engaging social media posts, useful blog posts, carefully directed email and a variety of other methods to pinpoint specific demographics of potential customers and offer them exactly what they what. The more you give them what they want, the more they trust you. And customers buy from people they trust.
When these and other digital marketing techniques are combined, they create visibility and conversions that are much better than the sum of their parts. This practice is what we call value-based or “holistic marketing.”

What We Provide

strategic planning


We match your brand strengths to targeted research on your market, competition and industry to create a robust marketing plan.

Brand Identity


We help business builders maintain a clear, complimentary brand across your print assets, website, social media and beyond.



We plan, design, develop and launch beautiful, data-driven web designs that command attention and capture leads, creating true ROI.


What our clients have to say:

  • Mia is someone I would highly endorse as a consultant and as a marketing expert. Her enthusiasm for her work really shines through and her enthusiasm for sharing knowledge is an inspiration. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a website that will build their online presence.

    Reynolds Realty
    Elizabeth Reynolds
    Reynolds Realty
  • From the onset, they understood what we wanted, and more importantly what we needed. We had a tight deadline but somehow everything was done and they went above and beyond to be sure we were prepared. Would work with again in a hearbeat.

    Julio Suarez
    Watch Me Apparel
  • I’ve never come across a web designer with the level of dedication to customer satisfaction that Mia has. She and her team worked tirelessly to give me the site I wanted so that it could produce the results my business needs.

    Rebecca Nelson
    KOR Pilates
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