About Mia at Coactivated

Hi I’m Mia Lepe. I’ve spent nearly a decade helping small business owners with online branding, design, and marketing. My first client was my father, who I watched go through the ebbs and flows or self-employment my whole childhood. I took a web design class my senior year of high school and made a website for him as my final. From there I was hooked. I wanted to help business builders get online and be successful.

Since then I’ve worked for an agency supporting big business and for a small agency helping mid-sized companies.

When I spoke with my clients, I realized that they were being held to ransom by expensive rates, outdated platforms and a relationship that ceased to exist as soon as their site went live.

By 2011, I was OVER it. I wanted to be a champion for business owners that couldn’t afford to spend tens of thousands on a website and then thousands more per month to market online. I wanted to build ongoing relationships with my clients so that their site did more for them than site there any look pretty.

So I came up with a better way: Coactivated.

Since then, I have been helping clients by building better websites, developing lead-capturing strategies, and increasing their overall brand awareness  Using our methods, we’ve helped business owners save 63% or more on your ongoing website costs. From start-ups to non-profits to long-established businesses, we can help you find success online.

Meet the Team

  • LisaDesigner

    Lisa has been designing things on a computer since she was 7 and Microsoft Paint was her only option. Since then, she’s earned a degree in graphic design and has done work for companies large and small.

  • RashedaDeveloper

    Fluent in many spoken languages, Rasheda is also fluent in coding magnificent sites. When she’s not writing code, she’s hanging with her dog.

  • LaloContent Coordinator

    A film major turned YouTube fanatic and avid follower of content marketing trends, Lalo helps strategize, create and promote our client content.